How do i change the baud rate of the ROOTS?

The standard baud rate of the ROOTS is 9600 8N1.

Some software needs a different baud rate to function correctly

The ROOTS can be configured to work on the following baud rates:

  • 4800
  • 9600
  • 19200
  • 38400
  • 57600
  • 115200

In the downloads section you can find a new version of GPSFox that has support for the set baud rate function. With this function you can set any of the above baud rates.

The new setting will be stored into flash memory. This means that the baud rate will be remembered. Each time you turn on the power the new baud rate will be used. You can reset to the default baud rate by setting 9600 baud or perform a factory reset using GPS Fox

You need to register at our website before you can download the new GPSFox from the Windows section in the Download section

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