How do I Export my track to Google Earth?

First you need to select where you want to save your track data.

You can do this by pressing the browser button in NaviLink.











Then you can select the location where you want to save the track data.

The track data will be stored in a folder containing the date of the track.

Select C Drive













When you have selected ie. C: or any other location you want to store you’re files in, press Open.

Now you are ready save your track data to disk.

Press the Read button and all your track data will be transferred from the Trip Tracker to the Hard disk of you PC.












Exporting Data











Your track data is saved on the PC. Use the file explorer to browser to the just saved files:











You see several different files in the folder you just saved toFiles with the extension .PLT are route files

Files with the extension .WPT are waypoints

These files are saved in four different formats:

  • NMEA (NMEA file type)
  • Ozi Explorer (PLT or WPT file type, no extra extension)
  • Google Earth (kml file type)
  • GPX (gpx file type)

Most map software or GPS software is able to import at least one of these formats for further processing.

You can also upload WPT files to the Trip Tracker using the write button in NaviLink
Useful links:

Starting Google earth with you’re just recorded dataFirst you need to install Google Earth on your PC.

For instructions and how to download visit
If you double click one of the two circled files Google Earth will launch showing the track or waypoint data.

Start Google earth










Please visit the Google Earth website for instructions on how to use Google Earth

Tip: Open the track data in de side panel of Google Earth and the press the play button.

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