How to use Navilink

First start the Amaryllo Navilink Software by double clicking the NaviLink icon on the Desktop













Next start the Trip Tracker and use the joystick to select NAVILINK and press on the joystick to select the NAVILINK option.

Select NaviLink









Press on the joystick to enable Navilink mode

NaviLink Selected










Now you are ready to connect the Trip Tracker to the PC. Plug in the USB cable in any free USB port on your PC

Next you need to select the comport that is assigned to the Trip Tracker

Select COM Port











How do I know what com port I should use with the Trip Tracker?
Com ports are assigned dynamically by Windows. There are two ways to find out.

If none of the comports work please disconnect your Trip Tracker and reconnect it to your PC after 10 seconds. If possible use another USB port. Then you can try again. You do not need to restart NaviLink when reconnecting your Trip Tracker.

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