Purity BT GPS or build in Smart Phone GPS?

What is the advantage of an external BT GPS over the build in GPS of a smart phone?

If your smart phone does not have a build in GPS receiver you will need an external BT GPS receiver like the Purity or Trinity to be able to use navigation software on your phone.

If your smart phone has a build in GPS receiver there are still advantages in using an external BT GPS Receiver like the Purity or Trinity

  • Battery life of you Smart phone will almost triple. 60% of the power is used by the internal GPS receiver and the remainder for phone (idle) and navigation functions.
  • The Purity and Trinity have a superior build in GPS antenna resulting in a fast fix, a fix under poor conditions where you’re smart phone is unable to get a fix
  • GPS accuracy is higher with a Purity or Trinity receiver compared to the build in smart phone GPS.
  • You can place the external BT GPS receiver at an optimal location for GPS and your Smart Phone at an optimal location to view the screen.
  • Purity and Trinity batteries are Nokia batteries type BL5C/6C so you can exchange them with your phone


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