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ImageAmaryllo's Trip Tracker is a small device that uses satellite navigation technology to monitor and log your training or trip. The device has a display on which is continuously shows information like current speed, maximum speed, average speed, training time and travelled distance. Moreover, the device stores the exact GPS positioning data on a standard memory SD card. This memory card can be used back at home to evaluate the training in a mapping application like Google Earth or an online application like

The device is very easy to use, but extremely accurate, as accurate as GPS can get. The Amaryllo Trip Tracker is certified as officeial measuring device for ranking registration and speed measurements for the sports speedsurfing. 

Besides these sports functions, the Trip Tracker also has options for storing waypoints, routes, it includes a compass and can display WGS84 co-ordinates. The device supports 11 languages.

ImageThe Trip Tracker is a portable data logger with display that registers all outlined routes over land, air and sea and provides continuous, activity related data. Irrespective of the weather conditions, the Trip Tracker will always navigate you to the destination set and will prevent you from getting lost. It will give you continuous monitoring during your trip and powerful evaluation possibilities afterwards.
Controlling the device is easy and simple through a state-of-the-art thumb stick that functions as a 5-way directional controller. This convenient control mechanism allows you to scroll through all different menus and to select the desired operations. When navigating, the Amaryllo Trip Tracker is able to remember 1000 single waypoints. Also, 20 routes can be stored, each containing about 125 waypoints. To store trip data for longer journeys, there is a SD/MMC slot available providing extra data storage capacity.


Battery Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (up to 32 hours in power saving mode) 
Size 90 x 58 x 25 [mm]
Weight 98 [g]
Cold start 60 [sec], average
Warm start 38 [sec], average
Hot start 12 [sec], average
Language Multi language inerface supporting English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish, Estland, German, Portuguese, Italian
Weather proof IPX6 (Weather proof)
Memory Internal memory for storing waypoints (8192) and routes (20). SD/MMC slot for expansion and logging GPS data
GPS Chipset SiRFstar II
Communication USB cable for waypoint and route transfer, SD/MMC card for data log transfer. USB cable also outputs NMEA.
Box contents Trip Tracker, USB cable, 230V charger, car charger, interface software, digital manual (PDF)
Accessories Bicycle mounting kit (separately available)

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