NAVIGON selects Amaryllo TMC technology as traffic information Print
The latest PND models from NAVIGON, the NAVIGON 4310 max and the 4350 max, will utilise Amaryllo Dynamics TMC technology for the reception of real-time traffic information, fully integrated in the SiRF Centrality chipset.

Hannover, March 3 2009 – NAVIGON, a leading producer of Portable Navigation Systems (PNDs) has selected the TMC reception technology from the Dutch company Amaryllo as real-time traffic technology inside their recently launched PNDs. 

These new devices will be the first on the market that integrate traffic messaging via TMC fully inside the SiRF Centrality chipset core with only a minimum of external components, providing full synergy between hardware, navigation software and real time traffic information. 

NAVIGON will utilize Amaryllo Dynamics, a technology platform that manages the reception of real-time traffic information, digitally broadcasted on the FM band as (an un-hearable) part of traditional radio programs. The platform can receive and process both free-and encrypted pay TMC versions and is compatible with all broadcast types over the world where TMC is transmitted. 

This real-time traffic information, as received by Amaryllo Dynamics, is forwarded to the NAVIGON navigation application, that processes this information using sophisticated algorithms to display traffic jams on the map, make more precise calculations of the arrival time, notify of road constructions and warn for police checkpoints. 

NAVIGON, Amaryllo and SiRF have worked together to tightly integrate this system in the NAVIGON products. Shared code was developed that provides optimal communication and performance and therefore offers superior en unprecedented reception of TMC traffic information in the PND. 

About Amaryllo 
The Dutch company Amaryllo develops and markets navigation products and OEM technology for navigation devices, mobile phones and outdoor devices. The Amaryllo RDS/TMC technology is currently the most reliable and optimal solution available and is preferred by many OEM partners. Amaryllo was founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiast professionals with a proven track record in the navigation industry. The company is funded with capital from the European Union and informal investors and is headquartered in Almere, the Netherlands. Additional information can be found at

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