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Amaryllo, a new Dutch manufacturer of GPS and Navigation systems, announces that their sports product - the Amaryllo Trip Tracker - will be used as a research tool at Delft University of Technology.


The Amaryllo Trip Tracker is a compact, light weight and waterproof GPS device with a small LCD display. The product can be used to log and store all movements and velocities of the user on an SD card. This information then can be used to analyse the trip using for example Google Earth or other specialised software. The Trip Tracker can also be used as navigational aid, using the built in high-accuracy compass and the extensive waypoint guidance options.

The Trip Tracker is used in all kinds of sports; Runners, surfers and bicyclists use the device during their training to measure and log their proceedings. Furthermore, the device is enthusiastically used as leisure device by wanderers, back-packers and recreational bicyclists to follow pre-planned tourist routes and to store interesting locations.

After extensive review and test of the solutions that are available on the market, Delft University of Technology selected the Amaryllo Trip Tracker as the device best suited as measurement device for their new research ( One of the live experiments to be conducted in this research will be registration of the movement of thousand persons during a week. These test persons will carry a Trip Tracker during a week that will register all their movement. This data will be used as input for the research and consolidated in a large database. The Trip Tracker is the device available on the market (including both SiRF II and SiRF III solutions) that performed best under the widely varying conditions as set by the Delft University of Technology.

The firmware of the device is modified to the required exact scientific measurement specifications by Young Solutions, in close co-operation with Amaryllo R&D. Also, additional functionality is included and the user interface is changed for the research.
From this scientific research, Amaryllo will continue to increase their knowledge of the use of GPS technology in urban and generic environments to offer the best possible GPS reception under various conditions.

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