Amaryllo Trinity - GPS with RDS/TMC Print
Robust Bluetooth GPS receiver for daily use. Also receives real-time traffic information via RDS/TMC.

A GPS receiver that also receives real-time traffic information - designed in Holland 

Amaryllo Trinity is compact Bluetooth GPS receiver that also is capable of receiving real time traffic information as broadcasted via TMC. With this device, a Smart Phone or PDA can be used as a navigation system that is aware of the current traffic situation. This extra information can be used by the navigation application to optimise the route to follow, warn for road constructions ahead, minimise the estimated travel time and in some cases even route around a traffic jam. 

In many countries, this traffic information is broadcasted - unhearable - as part of the normal FM radio programs. The RDS-TMC standard (referred to as ClearChannel in the USA) is used for this. Trinity contains an integrated FM receiver with RDS-TMC decoder hardware. Smart firmware controls this FM receiver and continuously acquires the best available traffic information it can find. It then integrates this information into proprietary fields that the standard NMEA data stream provides for such purpose and forwards it to the navigation application running on the Smart Phone or PDA. This firmware is fully integrated inside the SiRFstar III LP chipset and developed by Amaryllo.

The GPS receiver inside Trinity is based on the new SiRFstar III LP (Low Power) chipset. It can track twenty satellites and acquire the TMC information simultaneously and will run for eleven hours on a single battery charge. The device will automatically switch to stand-by mode when the Bluetooth connection is broken and will automatically wake up again when necessary. Trinity can be in stand-by mode for over a month on a single battery charge. The Locosys module RS2024 is used in Trinity. .

European product design
Trinity is fully designed in Europe. The internal device firmware is also developed by Amaryllo. The device is manufactured by a partner in Taiwan.

The Trinity housing is designed using sophisticated computer visualisation techniques. Focus of the design was on robustness and nice look and feel. The result is a robust device that looks very stylish and positively differentiates against the well known Asian product designs.

Trinity will ship with standard sized and replaceable rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, car charger, AC charger, manual, rubber anti slip stickers and silicon protection sleeve.

Real time traffic information
Real time traffic information will only be available if the navigation application supports the Amaryllo Trinity or OpenTMC 1.0 or higher. Please check compatibility before purchasing Trinity. Currently Destinator 7 and up, iGO 8 and up and Mapfactor support the device. Other brands will support Trinity in the future.



SiRF Star III Low Power


L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code



Update rate

1 Hz

Acquisition time

Hot start (Open Sky)

< 2 seconds

Cold start (Open Sky)

38 seconds, average

Position accuracy


< 10m (2D RMS)


< 5m (2D RMS)


Speed (max.)

1,000 knots

Altitude (max.)

60,000 ft

Differential GPS



Default WGS-84


Built-in patch antenna

RDS/TMC OpenTMC 1.0, full and strict implementation of ISO-FDIS 14819



Serial Port profile (SPP)

Bluetooth version

Version 1.2 certified (Support class 2 and class 3. 10 meters range)


Battery type

Removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1000mAh)

Operation time


11 hours


> 1 month

Charge time

4 ~ 5 hours

Charge connector

USB mini-B



Bluetooth Serial Port Profile


NMEA-0183 version 3.0



86H x 44W x 13.1D mm


60g (with battery)


Operating temp.

-10 ~ +60 C

Storage temp.

-20 ~ +70 C

EMC standard


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