Amaryllo Dynamics

ImageAmaryllo Dynamics enables product developers to integrate dynamic content into their products. It is a platform that provides transparent access to various broadcast based information services like traffic- and weather information. This information then can be used in e.g. navigation systems, mobile phones, handheld devices, multi-media players and GPS devices to offer rich and real time content to the user.

Amaryllo Dynamics allows navigation hardware and applications to receive RDS/TMC using a generic API supporting many different hardware options.

The system will be expanded to fully integrate RDS/TMC, DARC, OpenTMC, DAB, DVB-H, RT, RT+, NOAA and other data broadcast formats into one unified modular platform API. Amaryllo Dynamics is available in several configurations and supports both external MCU or direct integration in the navigation chipset. Amaryllo Dynamics is available as integral part of the SiRF Centrality navigation solutions. The system supports Silabs, NXP and Quintic FM tuner chips.  

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